Master Neil Cliff

Neil Cliff

Master Neil Cliff started training in Taekwondo in April 1980, training under his first instructor, Micheal Peachman, for thirteen years.

During this time, he also studied Hapkido. Master Cliff started his own school which he ran for ten years, before joining the Australian Institute of Taekwondo (AIT).

Master Cliff helped run AIT for a period of twenty-five years, actively teaching two
classes per week. During that time Master Cliff participated in six world championships.

He has also participated in multiple seminars, nine of which were with General Choi Hong Hi and President Choi Jung Hwa. Master Cliff has also attended seminars with Master Galarraga, Master Robert Wheatley and Master Michael

Master Cliff has also had the opportunity to train in Filipino martial arts under Guru Dan Insanto and Guru Nino Pilla.

Master Cliff credits Taekwon-do with giving him a fantastic career, making lifelong friends and many good memories.