How to Nominate

There are a number of categories being awarded to celebrate and acknowledge the many fine contributions to ITF Taekwon-Do in the region.

Categories of recognition in the ITF Hall of Fame Australasia include:

  • Lifetime Contribution Award
  • International Ambassador Award
  • Outstanding Athlete / Coach award
  • Indomitable Spirit Award
  • Posthumous Award – Lifetime contribution
  • National Team representative Award

The process of nomination includes 3 options:

Self Nomination

Peer Nomination

Nomination Acceptance

  • Filling in the appropriate nomination form on this site (links above)
  • Submitting a detailed CV / training history
  • Supporting evidence as required
  • Payment of nomination fee
  • Attend the awards ceremony 

Once you nominate, or have been nominated, an assembly of peers and past-inductees will be consulted to discus the merit and validity of the nomination.

Early Bird Registration ends 1st April, 2024 ($25 discount)

All Nominations close 1st May, 2024

This assembly is formed after close of nominations, to ensure no conflict of interest, and will not include any nominated parties. Successful nominees will be announced upon approval and subsequently inducted at the official ceremony.

All nominees will be featured on this page in the lead up to the event, with inductees profiles remaining as a permanent component of this page, which will be added to upon each subsequent awards ceremony.

A description of category criteria can be found on the category page.

With the exception of posthumous awards, all nominees must be present to be eligible for an award. 

Note: If self-nominating, or nominating another, be aware that there is a nomination fee involved. If making a peer nomination you need to make the person you are nominating aware of this fee, or pay it on their behalf.