Categories of recognition in the ITF Hall of Fame Australasia include:

  • Lifetime Contribution Award
  • International Ambassador Award
  • Outstanding Athlete award
  • Indomitable Spirit Award
  • National Team Representative Award
  • Posthumous induction for lifetime contribution *
  • Legend of Taekwon-Do **

New Category:

ITF World Championships Representative

This new category is for those who have represented their country as a competitor or coach at any official ITF World Championships.

Selection Criteria

Lifetime Contribution Award – Significant contribution to Taekwon-Do for a minimum period of 30 years of continuous ITF service, having achieved the rank of Master or Grandmaster. This award considers not only time, but the volume, nature and positive impact of contributions, initiatives and actions that have been to the overall benefit of their respective national and international organizations.

International Ambassador Award – Consistently representing their art and nation in an International environment. The winner will have the utmost respect of peers, having made a measurable contribution to the promotion of the art of Taekwon-Do. This person has demonstrated the use of Taekwon-Do as a means to make a valuable contribution to the betterment of the wider community. No minimum rank criteria.

Outstanding Athlete Award – Having a record of high level performance domestically and internationally over an extended period of time, against the highest quality opposition. A person who displays not only brilliance but also humility and grace. Minimum rank Black Belt.

Indomitable Spirit Award – Displaying great determination, perseverance and courage in the face of adversity and against odds. This recipient will have made a significant contribution to their art, often with sacrifice and selflessness. No minimum rank criteria.

National Team Representative Award – Eligibility for this award is for all who have represented Australia at any sanctioned ITF World Championships. Details and supporting evidence to be included in nomination.

Posthumous induction for lifetime contribution* : This honour is bestowed upon those significant ITF contributors who have gone to train in the big dojang in the sky. Minimum 20 years contribution, no rank criteria.

Legend of Taekwon-Do** : This honour is reserved for Pioneers and people who held significant tenure and achievement as leaders of the ITF in the region, or contributing to development in the region. This award is not available via nomination, rather via consultation and consensus among past Lifetime Contribution Award recipients.

If submitting a nomination, or self nomination, banquet tickets can also be purchased via the nomination form.

With the exception of the posthumous award, nominees must be present at the ceremony to be considered for an award. Posthumous nominees must have a representative attending on their behalf.