Master Neville Burn

Congratulations to Master Neville Burn on being nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th ITF Hall of Fame awards.

Master Burn started Taekwon-Do with Rhee International Taekwon-Do (Australia) in 1980, for fitness reasons and due to educational commitments

He started training under the International Taekwon-Do Federation system when he joining Authentic Taekwon-Do in 1991.

Master Burn trained in seminars with many senior ITF Instructors including General Choi Hong Hi, Grand Master Park Jong Soo, Grand Master Leong Wai Meng , Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa

Master Neville Burn also attended training sessions conducted by Grandmaster Moore. Grandmaster WimBos, Master Yeo Chin Huat, Grandmaster Robert Wheatley, Master Parm Rai, Senior Master Les Hutchison, Grandmaster Robert Lai, Grandmaster Low Ming Tuck, Grandmaster K S Hwang, Grandmaster Kong Young Il, Grandmaster Van Binh

Master Neville Burn attended his first ITF World Championships in Greece 2003 as Team Manager/Coach for the Australian National Team, then in 2004 he was Team Manager and a competitor for the 1st Veteran Taekwon-Do ITF World Championships in Malaysia. In 2005

He was the Secretary of the Organising Committee for the Senior World Championships being held in Australia, and has recently competed in the 1st Unified Taekwon-Do Open World Championships in London, England. ITFHQ World Championship & World Cup 2017 Netherlands, CHITF World Championships Melbourne 2019.