Master Gerhard Hejda

Congratulations to Master Gerhard Hejda on being nominated in the Lifetime Achievement category in the 6th ITF Hall Of Fame.

Master Gerhard Hejda has been training in ITF Taekwon-Do for more than 30 years, completing all qualifying categories in refereeing, and instruction.

              He has competed in several world championships as well as refereeing at many championships.

Master Hejda has completed numerous seminars with esteemed Taekwon-Do Grandmasters along with other legends in the martial arts.

Master Hejda was promoted to 7th Degree in October, 2021 by Grandmaster Kong Young Il.

He has been actively teaching students for many years since becoming a black belt, producing numerous black belts, some of whom have now gone on to become Subums themselves.