JC Kim Bio

Jc kim

Grandmaster Jong Chan Kim (JC Kim) was born in 1936. 

  • 1953 JC Kim Began studying martial arts with Kim Bong Gil
  • 1955 General Choi announced and created the name Taekwon-Do on April 11th.
  • 1956 Joined the Military Police Academy, studied various Martial Arts under Kim Sung Bok
  • 1957 Under the direction of General Ha built the first Taekwon-Do Academy of the 7th Infantry Division with Major Park. Introduced to General Choi.
  • 1958 Attended the First Instructors course held under the First Army in Won Ju, Korea, led by Major Woo (2nd Dan Black Belt), Lieutenant Hong (1st Dan Black Belt) and Captain Nam (3rd Dan Black Belt)Appointed to the Special Security Mission for the Army Commander. Trained in all Martial Arts for 8 months.
  • 1960 Promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-Do
  • 1962 Appointed as Head Instructor of the Oh Do Kwan Headquarters school in Seoul. Organized the world’s first Taekwon-Do Championships, held in Wonju, Korea, where CK Choi became free sparring and patterns champion
  • 1963 Promoted to Tae Soo Do (Karate) 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • 1964 Trained directly under General Choi for four months, where the 24 Taekwon-Do patterns were formed. Assisted General Choi with the First Taekwon-Do Book. Introduced Park Jong Soo to General Choi. Appointed as the first Instructor to Instructors for the Minister of Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force & Marine Corps.)
  • 1965 Organized Taekwon-Do as primary martial art trained in the Korean military.
  • 1966 The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) was formed. Appointed as Chief Instructor and a founding member of the ITF. -Taught Tae-Kwon Do Patterns, Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo to instructor Jhoon Ree. Thereafter Jhoon Rhee went to USA and published the Taekwon-Do Handbook.Taught Tae-Kwon Do Patterns Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo to instructor Kim Han Chan. Thereafter Kim Han Chan went to Argentina. Appointed as the first Tae Kwon Do Chief Instructor to the Korean National Police Force, by the Minister of Homeland Affairs
  • 1967 Developed the first International Instructors course for the ITF, where the minimum student entrant would possess a 4th Dan black belt.
  • 1968 Invited by the Singapore government to introduce Taekwon-Do. Instructed in Malaysia Perak State.
  • 1969 Organized the first Malaysian Taekwon-Do Championships in Penang
  • 1970 Arrived in Vancouver BC Canada to promote and demonstrate Taekwon-Do with C.K. Choi at UBC, SFU, & various high schools.
  • 1971 Organized with Han Cha Kyo, the first Asian Taekwon-DoChampionships, held in Hong Kong.Taught Army Cadets in New Westminster BC Arrived in Montreal Canada
  • 1972 Opened the first Taekwon-Do School in Montreal.
  • 1973 Appointed as the first Chairman of the Technical Committee of the International TAEKWON-DO Federation. Master JC Kim was promoted to 7 Dan black belt. Organized the World’s First Taekwon-Do Masters Demonstration, at the Montreal Forum where 27 Masters attended.
  • 1974 Organized the World’s First Taekwon-Do Championships held at the Montreal Forum. 24 countries participated.
  • 1975 Invented the stretching machine “the Stretchersizer”
  • 1976 Invited as the Instructor, of the European Instructors course held in Glasgow U K.
  • 1977 Studied Bio Physical Education at Concordia University
  • 1978 Moved to New Westminster BC
  • 1979 Trained 21 Taekwon-Do instructors in Argentina including Dr Hector Marano and Pablo Trajtenberg, and with an unprecedented move, promoted several of them directly from 2nd Dan to 4th Dan Black Belts.
  • 1981 Promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt. Elected as the Secretary General of the ITF. Appointed as the Chairman of the Merging Committee for the ITF and WTF. As Chairman of the merging committee, negotiated the merging agreement between the ITF and the WTF, that was submitted to the International Olympic Committee by Un Yong Kim, in order to have Tae Kwon- Do accepted as an Olympic sport

In 2018, Grandmaster JC Kim attended the 2nd Australasian ITF Hall Of Fame ceremony in Melbourne, Australia where he was inducted as a Legend Of Taekwon-Do for his significant impact and contribution to the region. Induction announcement here.

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