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Master Gerhard Hejda – Lifetime Achievement Award

Master Gerhard Hejda

Congratulations to Master Gerhard Hejda on being nominated in the Lifetime Achievement category in the 6th ITF Hall Of Fame.

Master Gerhard Hejda has been training in ITF Taekwon-Do for more than 30 years, completing all qualifying categories in refereeing, and instruction.

              He has competed in several world championships as well as refereeing at many championships.

Master Hejda has completed numerous seminars with esteemed Taekwon-Do Grandmasters along with other legends in the martial arts.

Master Hejda was promoted to 7th Degree in October, 2021 by Grandmaster Kong Young Il.

He has been actively teaching students for many years since becoming a black belt, producing numerous black belts, some of whom have now gone on to become Subums themselves.

Master Gary King – Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Master Gary King on being nominated for A Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th ITF Hall Of Fame awards being held in Melbourne on Saturday 8th June.

Master Gary King is a 7th Dan Master Instructor with an outstanding career of achievements in Taekwon-Do, which include:

11 x ITF World Champion (Gold Medals),

3 x ITF World Championship Silver Medals &

3 x ITF World Championship Bronze Medals.

6 x Australian teams (2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017).

5 x Australian team Head coach

3 x Australian team manager.

Master King started Taekwon-Do in 1986 (at 7 years old) and has competed in hundreds of tournaments and seminars. He is also a 7th Dan grandmaster in WKA Kickboxing. 

Master Gary King has dedicated his life to Taekwon-Do, having traveled the world competing and training in Taekwon-Do. He loves spreading the beautiful art of Taekwon-Do to as many people as he can. 

Master Gordon Jue – Lifetime Achievement Award

Master Gordon Jue

Master Gordon Jue – Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Master Gordon Jue, 8th degree, on being nominated for A Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th ITF Hall Of Fame awards.
Master Gordon Jue, is an 8th Degree Black Belt based in San Francisco, USA.

A veteran of Taekwon-Do, he has made significant contributions to the Martial Art as a competitor, coach and as a mentor.
His journey began in 1979 under Grand Master Sabree Salleh and continued under the mentorship of Grand Master Robert Wheatley.

As a committed competitor, he has achieved top placements in pattern and sparring events nationally.
Serving as the Promotional Chairman for the ITF Administration, he meticulously oversees the promotion policies for senior belts. This role enables him to ensure that the integrity and high standards of the federation are upheld.
In his capacity as US-ITF Vice President, he has been instrumental in coordinating national events and enhancing membership strategies.
Moreover, Master Gordon Jue has trained multiple competitors who have excelled in various World Championships, demonstrating his profound influence in developing top-tier Taekwon-Do talent.

A regular Umpire and Coach at many ITF World Championships, Master Jue is a well known and respected leader of the ITF. He is an ITF member, under the Presidency of Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa, the Son of Taekwon-Do Founder General Choi Hong Hi.
Additionally, this combination of leadership, commitment to growth, and direct impact on the competitive success of athletes showcases his exceptional qualifications. Justifiably a clear case for induction into the ITF Hall of Fame, in the Lifetime Achievement Category, joining an illustrious group of past nominees.

virtual ceremony welcoming

ITF Hall of Fame Virtual Ceremony

4th ITF Hall of Fame


Induction Ceremony

virtual ceremony welcoming

Due to original ceremony postponement in March this year, we will be holding a Virtual Ceremony for the 4th Australasian ITF Hall Of Fame on Saturday 19th December, 2020


Nomination Fee Only $125* (includes Crystal trophy)

Join us to celebrate new inductions, and to welcome nominees in the new World Championships Competitor category. We still have all our usual categories of course (check categories page) There is no charge to attend, but you MUST register here.


Video link will be sent after registration, closer to the event date.

The ITF Hall of Fame Australia was created to celebrate the great achievements and contributions of ITF members throughout the Pacific and Asian regions.

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